Valley Network Solutions - NetCare™ Managed Workplace, Plan 4B or 5B NetCare™ Onsite Manager Installation - SBS (10 nodes or less)

    Valley Network Solutions

    Labor Rate: $65.63

    Product Description

    FREE NetCare Onsite Manager installation services. VNS cannot be responsible for additional time due to installations that take longer than the standard 1 hour installation window due to customer network issues, faulty hardware, poor Internet connections, etc. We will make every effort to install and configure the system as quickly and accurately as possible and normal installations on stable networks can be completed within 1 hour. But customer will be responsible for additional labor costs beyond 1 hour if network problems cause the installation to take longer than normal. Customer will be asked to pre-authorize any additional time. Installation fee waived for Tiers 4 and 5 NetCare customers. Service cancellation prior to annual renewal will result in customer being charged back for installation costs. Includes up to 1 hours on site. Travel to/from site is not included if site is beyond our normal service radius (30 minutes from our offices).

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